RIIA Strategic Research Partnership

Consumer Financial Decisions (CFD) was commissioned by the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) to analyze the comprehensive household data in the MacroMonitor and incorporate the analysis into these special reports.

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Report 1

RIIA's Retirement Topology: Charting the Landscape: The Retirement Income Market

This study evaluates the dynamic between the age and wealth of American households. The study's two-dimensional segmentation divides 120 million American households into four life stages and then further segments each life stage by levels of financial assets. This typology provides a starting point for understanding households' complete financial situation and use of institutions, products, services, advisers, and attitudes.
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Report 2

The Coming Consolidation: Making the Short List

When an industry with too many financial institutions meets retiring households that are simplifying their lives, expect households to consolidate their financial relationships and look to a few good institutions to meet their financial needs. This report presents the new rules of the marketplace that winning institutions and advisors will use in order to be on the "short list" of firms that retirees will choose to meet their emerging needs.
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Report 3

Financial Institutions and Retiring Boomers: Convergence's Payoff or Payback?

Consolidation changes the relationships between households and their financial institutions. As these changes ripple through the industry, some institutions win business that other institutions lose. This report surveys the landscape today and identifies institutions that have current opportunities and future "stretch" opportunities within the retirement-income marketplace.
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Report 4

Financial Advisors and Boomers: Regular Use May Be Beneficial to Your Wealth

This report focuses on the value of financial advisors. Boomers have spent most of their adult lives in a society that is growing more self-reliant. The behaviors of this attitude of self-reliance are imprinted in the culture. Many Boomers pump their own gas. They check-out of stores in self-serve lines. They shop online with no personal attendants. No one helps them with these and a growing list of other tasks. But is doing-it-themselves the best way to manage their financial affairs? Will going-it-alone be the best way to manage their affairs in the future? With all the complexity of the new retirement, is there any advantage to getting professional help? The answer is an unequivocal yes. This report proves that getting advice regularly improves the household's bottom-line. Over a ten year period, households that get advice before they make major financial decisions do better financially than those that only rarely or never get advice. This study establishes the "Advisor Advantage" and shows ways that financially successful households have helped themselves as they collaborate with advisors. Finally, the study presents a list of ways that advisors help their clients to achieve financial success that can be a blueprint for effective advisor practices in the years to come.
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